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LigaPASS 2.0™


Innovative platform of band connector technology.

The LIGAPASS™ 2.0 Family provides a range of band connectors for posterior thoracolumbar fixation specifically adapted to meet unique clinical demands.

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US clearance: YES

CE marking : YES


The growing LigaPASS™ 2.0 Family of band connectors offers secure sublaminar and transverse process fixation in the thoracic and/or lumbar spine.

With LigaPASS™, there is no compromise of fixation in demanding clinical scenarios, providing:
• The initial stability of a pedicle screw
• The ability to translate and derotate following the PASS LP™ ST2R technique
• An optimal bone/implant interface
• A safe technique with single and dual band options
• An alternative point of fixation on existing constructs.
• The ideal accessory in deformity and revision cases




Continuity with PASS LP™
The LigaPASS™ 2.0 band connector fits perfectly with the PASS LP™ load-sharing reduction technique, ST2R (Simultaneous Translation on 2 Rods), and unique axial derotation technique using specialized connectors.
Safe Alternative
The LigaPASS™ 2.0 Dual Band provides a safer and more efficient technique when applying multiple LigaPASS™ connectors, requiring only 1 sublaminar pass finishing in 2 bands.
Ease of Use
The LigaPASS™ 2.0 Family utilizes only a small tray of ergonomic instrumentation including self-stable tensioners and is compatible with Ti or CoCr rods between 5.5 and 6.0mm in diameter.

Clinical cases

Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (Lenke 3C)


15 year-old female with AIS (Lenke 3C)


Idiopathic scoliosis


Thoracolumbar posterior fixation with PASS LP™ system and LigaPASS™


  • LigaPASS positionned in the curve concavity
  • Superior frontal reduction of 75%
  • Preservation of a normal thoracic khyphosis
  • More than 40% of correction of the thoracic and lumbar vertebral rotation


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