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Medicrea | UNiD ASI
Stand on a System-Based Platform
Our systems-based technology platform is built to support your work by harnessing the power of Adaptive Spine Intelligence™.
We consult with you and your team to integrate UNiD™ ASI seamlessly into your practice.
Strategic Planning Accuracy Through Case Planning Services

UNiD™ LAB is our team of biomedical Engineers who work collaboratively with you to simulate surgical strategies and technologies using proprietary data and algorithms with detailed outcome reporting.
Precision Through Personalization. Intra-operative plan confirmation by aligning the case plan with patient-specific implants.

UNiD™ TEK is our range of patient-specific implants delivered just-in-time for surgery. You can focus on your case with the optimized implant solutions ready before stepping foot into the O.R.
Iterative Predictive Analytics. Mine your pre, intra, and post op data to identify tendencies, correlations, and outcomes and fuel the machine learning and predictive modeling to improve patient outcomes and drive efficiencies throughout the process.

UNiD™ HUB is our software interface. It digests scientific data to generate intelligent esurgical planning through machine learning while simultaneously allowing you to perform detailed, custom analyses of your cases and manage the entire workflow from start to finish.
Step into a Virtuous Cycle
UNiD™ ASI transforms surgeon and patient intel through a proprietary
7-step process forming an iterative virtuous cycle.
You are at the center of each step of the Virtuous Cycle powering improved outcomes and efficiencies in spine surgery. Discover each step below. Discover each step here.
Macbook Pro
* Intel Core i7 (3.8GHz, 6MB cache)
* Retina Display (2880 x 1880 px)
* NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M (Iris)
* 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0
* Thunderbolt 2 (up to 20Gb/s)
* Faster All-Flash Storage (X1)
* Long Lasting Battery (9 hours)
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