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Lumbosacral anterior plating system

STABOLT™ is an anatomically-shaped L5/S1 anterior plate with integrated anti-backout and variable angled screw fixation.

Registration :

US clearance : YES

CE marking : YES


The STABOLT™ Anterior L5/S1 Plate System offers an exclusive range of low-profile, triangulated designs to safely accommodate varying anatomies, respecting the patient’s unique combination of lumbo-sacral angulation with their surrounding vascular structures.

The plate provides optimal mechanical stability with 3 and 4-hole options with variable-angled screws and a patented 1-step anti-backout system.
With STABOLT™, a 360o procedure is no longer necessary to maintain an interbody construct.




Anatomical Design
The STABOLT™ enables the surgeon to select the optimal anterior plate based on the unique anatomical requirements of their patient. The range safely accommodates varying Great Vessel Bifurcation heights and offers differentiated plate angulations at the lumbo-sacral junction.

1-Step Anti-Backout
The STABOLT™ utilizes a proprietary anti-backout system, which requires no additional steps or parts in the surgery. During the final tightening, the distinctive PEEK OPTIMA® rings, incorporated into the plate’s design, deform over the screw heads to secure their position under physiological loads.
Variable-Angle Positioning
The STABOLT™ specialized PEEK OPTIMA® ring inserts swivel to enable divergent screw placement within a 30° conical area. Each angulation is controlled by the surgeon for optimal mechanical stability.

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