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Medicrea | PASS DEGEN™​


PASS DEGEN™ is a system specifically developed for thoracic and lumbar degenerative indications.
The PASS DEGEN™ has the same philosophy as the PASS LP™: lateralized connection at a distance from the spine.
The MEDICREA degenerative system with its pre-bent ring rods ensures sagittal alignment and thus reduces operating time in degenerative cases.

Registration :  

US clearance  : YES

CE marking : YES


  • Fixed orientation of the rod in the sagittal plane
  • Double-threaded polyaxial screw, short extension posts and ring rods for a quick surgery
  • Simple and compact instrumentation
  • Safety for the patient thanks to the pin at the end of the rods: it is impossible for the connectors to disengage.
  • Angulation of the ring rods relative to the bending planes allows the rods to automatically position themselves in the sagittal plane. No risk of cross-threading.


Ring rods:

Ring on rods = a connector integrated in the rod
Pre-bent rods
Material: Titanium Alloy (Ti6AI4V)
Available in 5.5 diameter only
Lengths: 20 to 120 mm, increments of 10 mm

Screws : ​

Double thread and self-tapping screw
Short threaded extensions (compared to LP PASS™​)
Diameter: 5.5, 6.5, 7.5 standard
Lengths: 40 to 50 mm, in 5 mm increments

Connectors : ​

Short connector: facilitates insertion into small incisions
Short angular connector: preserves the facet joints and reduces
5 mm length of rod


Legal Notice

Posterior thoracolumbar osteosynthesis device for the treatment of degenerative, traumatic, tumor and spinal deformities. The use of this medical device requires a healthcare professional’s opinion: please read the instructions for use carefully. CE 0459

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