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The vision of something unique

CEO & co-founder

Personalized medicine,
medical model of the century.

Customization is the breakthrough that is driving the medical industry of the future.
A better understanding of each individual and their pathologies because of increasingly precise diagnoses permits surgeons to steer a patient toward a more specific and individualized treatment. The singularity of each patient is analyzed in greater depth, so that the patient can then receive the personalized treatment with the highest chance of success. The medical world has been waiting for the arrival of customization in spinal surgery. With scientific progress in understanding sagittal balance and spinal injury, combined with the advent of new digital technologies, it is now possible to offer spinal patients entirely customized implants.
But to understand this complex field, to bring together and integrate all the puzzle pieces, it is necessary to commit to a complete process, blending R&D with the industrial dimension. To achieve this combination, a company has to bet on the future with a far-reaching vision. I am proud to say that we at Medicrea have done exactly that!
Customized spinal rods in 2013, morphologically adapted 3D implants in 2014 – with these innovations we proved our team is the industry leader in spinal surgery products and services. The UNiD concept of a fully customizable surgical rod represents a new era in our relationship with our clients: by forming a planning partnership with our surgeons, we can now offer them a combination of innovative products and complete services – for before, during and after spinal surgery.
We are a young business, but we are also bold, and we aim to see far into the future of the industry. We dream, but most of all, we act. We have our head in the stars, but our feet firmly planted on the ground.

 If we can dream it, we can do it.

Let’s continue to improve this field together and to honor our promise every day. (IM)PROVE!

Creativity is intelligence having fun

(Albert Einstein)

Our mission at MEDICREA is to bring long-lasting pain relief to patients who undergo spinal surgery


At Medicrea, creativity is our highest priority, because we believe in the inventive power of our engineers and surgeon partners working together. (IM)PROVE.
It extends from designing and manufacturing next-generation spinal implants, with enhanced functionalities and quality testing, to providing more effective and less invasive treatments for all spinal pathologies. Our aim is to restore the long-term quality of life for patients.Our extensive range of spinal implants addresses spinal pathologies at all levels, from cervical to lumbar and sacrum. Our implants are designed to treat scoliosis, degenerative deformation, trauma and tumors, regardless of severity, and can be used in all traditional and advanced surgical techniques, such as minimally-invasive surgery.
We benefit from the support of renowned surgeons who are also closely involved in designing our prostheses as well as the support of healthcare agencies.
We have faith in the future. Nothing is impossible. It’s our conviction
















MEDICREA International
Created in 1993, 103 employees
The parent company of the MEDICREA Group, based in Rillieux-la-Pape (France), MEDICREA International performs the export distribution, marketing, research & development, monitoring of clinical studies, the logistics platform and the administrative and financial functions for various entities. .




MEDICREA Technologies
Created in 1990, 3 employees
Didier BONDIL, Operation Director
Based in Rillieux-la-Pape (France), MEDICREA Technologies exclusively manufactures spinal implants distributed by all the companies in the Group and handles the repair of surgical equipment motors.


Created in 2006, 41 employees
Based in New York (United States), MEDICREA USA has been operating since 2007. It promotes implants designed and developed by the Group and distributes them in the United States. The company also takes part in clinical trials carried out in the US. Departments : Finance, Marketing, Sales, Logistics and Clinical Research


MEDICREA Technologies UK
Created in 2005, 7 employees
Jonathan MOUNTFORD, Managing Director
Based in Cambridge (UK), MEDICREA Technologies UK distributes the Company’s implants in the United Kingdom. Departments : Finance, Sales, Marketing and Logistics

Created in 2015, 4 employees
Based in Köln (Germany), MEDICREA GmbH promotes and distributes the Company’s implants in Germany





Created in 2016, 3 employees
Based in Lodz(Poland), MEDICREA Poland promotes and distributes the Company’s implants in Poland




Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
Co-founder of MEDICREA

Mr Sournac comes from a purely scientific and medical background. With over 30 years’ experience in orthopaedics, notably in the retail of orthopaedic supplies. Denys Sournac was the man behind the 2002 merger of MEDICREA Technologies and ORSCO International, which gave rise to the MEDICREA Group in its current form. Mission: To expand MEDICREA, hold responsibility for the organisation and management of the Group and define its global strategy.



Chief Commercial and Business Development Officer

A successful spine executive with over 25 years of experience bringing with him a deep network in the World-Wide Spine Markets, Mr Kienzle is a Founder and served as the Executive Vice President Global Sales and Marketing of Globus Medical, Inc. (Ticker symbol GMED) until 2011. During Mr Kienzle’s tenure, Globus was widely noted as the fastest growing company in orthopedic history. GMED closed a $110M private placement with Goldman Sachs and Clarus Ventures in 2007 and an IPO with Goldman and BOA in 2012. Prior to Globus, he held the position of Area Vice President at Synthes Spine where he was responsible for all sales and marketing functions at this top-performing enterprise with over $90M in annual revenue (30% compounded growth rate) and before that culminated his 8 years with United States Surgical Corp as the National Business Director. Mission: to oversee the commercial expansion of Medicrea’s patient-specific UNiD technology and personalized treatment modalities.



25 years’ experience in project management, mainly in the United States, particularly in sales launches of new innovative products. Mission: Expansion of MEDICREA USA, overall management of US operations with the goal of achieving profitable growth.



Educational background in management and finance. 25 years’ experience in finance, including over 10 years heading the finance divisions of listed companies. Mission: Financial management of the Group, coordination of finance teams within subsidiaries, in charge of relations with banks and market authorities, responsible for financial information released to market.

David RYAN

VP Product Development
and Marketing

Studied biomaterials and biomechanics at the Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC) Former R&D Director, Scient’x. 11 years’ experience in orthopaedics. Mission: To design, develop and monitor products in close association with opinion-leading surgeons. To conduct clinical studies.

Quality Policy

At Medicrea, innovation is driven by the patient. We work every day to improve outcomes for people undergoing spine surgery. Because we recognize the innate differences of each surgeon and each patient, we are pioneering the convergence of healthcare IT and next-generation outcome-centered device design and manufacturing through thoughtful deeplearning science.

We specialize in bringing pre-operative digital planning and pre and post-operative analytical services to the world of complex spine. We stand apart by providing personalized treatment modalities that are effectively adapted to the unique anatomical requirements of each patient. Through the lens of predictive medicine, we lead the design, manufacture, and distribution of patient specific implant technologies. By leveraging our proprietary software analysis tools with big data and deep learning technologies we are well-placed to streamline the efficiency of spinal care, reducing procedural complications and limiting time spent in the O.R.

In our efforts, we, at Medicrea, strive to provide products of excellence that meet our high quality and regulatory standards as well as those of our customers. In a process of continuous improvement, we listen to our customers and treat every request with the utmost level of professionalism.

Isabelle BROCA, Quality Group Director and her team

Gear wheels - dynamic



Our Quality charter :
Improve patient results by leading personalized spine
Mentor employees and partners in adaptive spine intelligence
Pioneer corporate know-how and healthcare efficiencies
Recruit dynamic minds to develop and commercialize innovation
Operate in compliance with all industry standards and guidelines
Validate a new standard of surgeon and industry collaboration
Engage all involved to strengthen our systems-based approach








German subsidiary is founded in Cologne

U.S. Launch of New Generation LigaPASS band
Release of (IM)PROVE magazine #2


Release of (IM)PROVE international magazine for spinal surgeons
LigaPASS system FDA cleared in idiopathic adolescent indications

Patient Specific 3D printed interbody fusion device world premiere
K-JAWS® obtains 510k for US market


30M$ turnover milestone / 55% of revenue in the US
First UNiD patient specific rod surgery in Lyon France (Sept-18th)
PASS OCT CE marked and FDA cleared and first surgeries
PASS LP FDA cleared in idiopathic adolescent indications


LigaPASS system FDA cleared


PASS MIS minimally invasive system FDA cleared
LigaPASS system CE marked


CE marking of the IMPIX Manta+ – first prefilled cervical cage on single use holder
New MEDICREA international headquarters in Lyon (France)


15M$ turnover milestone / 45% of revenue in the US
CE marking of the Granvia-C cervical dics prosthesis
CE marking of the IMPIX-TLIF lumbar cage


FDA approval of the PASS LP thoracolumbar fixation system and its Clement derotation connector


C-JAWS® FDA cleared


US subsidiary is founded in New-York
French subsidiary is founded in Lyon
CE marking of PASS LP thoracolumbar fixation system – new major release in the PASS technology platform
CE marking of the IMPIX-C+ – first prefilled cervical cage on the spinal market


UK subsidiary is Founded in Cambridge
CE marking of the C-Jaws, compressive cervical staple


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